The Media Team Current Events

This is what we’ve been up to the past 2 months (October 16, 2013-December 4, 2013):

October 16, 2013- The Media Team met for the first day, at the Cambridge Library. We did a little scavenger hunt of finding science related magazines, testing out our Samsung Media Players and interviewing each other about our lives (what we like, how old we are, our family, school, ect)

October 30, 2013- The Media Team met Dave Freedman from the Atlantic magazine and we also met Hannah, a volunteer college student. He talked about this article he wrote about if breakfast is good for you or not. We all had a group discussion about our countries increasing obesity problem; we talked about ideas that could help stop the increase of obesity. One thing we talked about was lowering prices on healthy foods  and increasing prices on unhealthy foods so that families with insufficient amount of money would have healthier meals instead of buying fast-food for cheap. He also talked about himself and his job, which was surprisingly interesting to me.

November 6, 2013- The Media Team went to the Sky Telescope HQ where we met editors of the magazine who told us about what they do and how they edit the magazine (to perfection) before publishing. They told us about what their magazine was about as well. They edit & publish articles about outer space; what’s going to happen in the next few years, what the planets and solar system is up to. Mostly astronomy, they showed us incredible sketches of what their artists draw for the magazine, previously published magazine- ex: Black holes that eat stars, Comets, What’s on one of Jupiter’s moons- how they make their plant and moon globes, and finally how and where they do their work. Its all about Journalism, a very big task and job.

November 20, 2013- We worked on editing our video interviews from the Catalyst Awards at the Microsoft Nerd Center.

December 4, 2013- Today is the last day of the semester that the Media Team is meeting 😦 . We continued to work on editing our video interviews from the Catalyst Awards 3 weeks ago. Also, me and my sister (Giana Fischer) worked on editing the MadSci Mag blog. In between this we hung out with the team sharing funny videos and stories, and talking about our Thanksgiving vacation.

~Victoria Fischer


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