Rabia’s Reflection

I learned that diabetes affects every part of your body. I also learned that the drinks that we think are healthy, because they have no fat, are actually really unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar. Also, on a daily basis people drinks at least 2 sodas a day which is really bad for their health. And we should be careful while we are eating: instead of drinking and eating unhealthy we should try to eat more healthy foods, like vegetables, milk, juices, and fruits.

Zenia’s Reflection

Fruit contains fructose, but as any food pyramid or suggested intake ratios will tell you, fruit is okay. How is that possible if fructose is almost always bad? This is because fruit, in its natural form, contains fiber. Fructose doesn’t provide a satiety alert to let your brain know to tell you to stop eating, but fiber does this to a high degree. This is why you can eat fruit—despite the fructose content—without experiencing the same problems as, say, drinking a sugary soda. This is why fruit can actually be beneficial. The same goes for processed sugar. Sugar doesn’t exist naturally as sparkly white crystals, but as a really tough stick called sugar cane. It isn’t until you process the sugar cane that you lose all the fiber it contains. Without the fiber, you only have the tasty but problematic part of the original food. That’s why processed sugars can cause problems.