Olivia’s Reflection

Through MadSciMag, I learned how to be more careful with my water and what is in my water. I liked coming to the Microsoft building and feeling important. I like the fact that i have the opportunity to get my work published. The time frame to finish the whole web page was rushed – more time would have better. But in the short time we had, I learned a lot about the world of adults in stem industry and about what life will be like when we grow up.

Cassandra’s Reflection

I most enjoyed talking to special people that are important in making changes to Massachusetts and people important in the science field. I also enjoyed learning about the water because it is something that surrounds me and is part of my everyday routine so it was cool to learn. For constructive criticism, I wish there was more hands on activities and we were more involved in collecting the data ourselves and make our own observations. I wish the adults that were involved told more facts about the actual products. I felt like I was left in the dark about the results of what was in the water because the guy that did the results didn’t actually say what was in the water. I also had the feeling that we were separated from the community that we are researching and writing about, and hope that changes next time.

Eniola’s Reflection

From this program I learned about the different qualities of the water that we drink and use everyday. I never actually thought that there were chemicals in the water that weren’t supposed to be there. But doing the research here made me learn about all the different things in the water that I never knew about before. This program taught me many things that I never knew before. For example, how to accurately research a topic or how to find reliable sources. We even got to interview people who worked with the mystic water shed. This hands on experience was incredible. I was given the knowledge of how to write important questions and how to ask an interviewee a question. I was given the opportunity to be apart of a professional conversation!

Courtney’s Reflection

I learned that we are very clueless as to what we take into our bodies.

I also learned that even though things look clean or alright it may not be that because appearance doesn’t exactly give the whole story. For example, the water we drink, you could say that millions of people drink tap water and buy bottled water that has chemicals in it. These chemicals affect us slowly and silently. Although these bottled waters may be portrayed to be safe and healthy as a better alternative to tap water there isn’t really much of a difference, it can harm you just about as much, if not more, than tap water. If people knew about the chemical and all of the harmful ingredients that go into our water I think that maybe half would stop their use of water and the other half would continue. Even though there are people out there who know about the effects of the water on others they don’t share their knowledge because they don’t think that it is a big enough issue, and even if we did address this problem, what other water would we drink, it’s all still the same.

Gladys’ Reflection

This season of Science Club for Girls has been a blast. I was brought in by Julia to help the girls with media, but I ended up falling in love with science. As a person more inclined to humanities, I had written off science as too tough and concrete a subject to study seriously. But between talking AP biology in school and being part of the Sciencettes, I have discovered how marvelous it can be to discover the science of how things work. The program was centered around finding out the science behind make up, a way of addressing a social issue using the hard facts of science. As an advocate for producer accountability, I was excited for the social aspect of the project, but the science began to grow on me as well. Recently, we visited Living Proof to observe how a hair product is made, and seeing the people, especially the women, working in the labs encouraged me to not fear liking science. Near the end of the program, we experimented with different materials while making our own lip balm. The curiosity on the girls’ faces was indicative of the fact that programs like Science Club for Girls to a good job of exposing them to such topics that they might not have been encouraged to pursue otherwise, as I know it did for me.