Emily’s Reflection

What interests me about the topic of food is unveiling lies in advertising and letting people know ways to eat food that’s better for you. I also wonder why is there science in food at all… not that there isn’t science naturally in everything, but that there is a science to food production. People alter food so it’s not just natural anymore. It’s more synthetic. It’s more altered by humans. We are getting away from what we’re supposed to eat naturally, and that’s not healthy. And people deserve to know what they’re eating. Today I learned about blogging, and about communicating science. I want to communicate science to the public in an interesting way, not in a boring way. I want to communicate it in a way that makes it easy to connect to and is interesting. After all, science is essentially the study of how stuff works… shouldn’t that be interesting? Wouldn’t you like to know everything? So my goal is to communicate it in a way that makes people want to think, and not in a way that  makes them feel forced to think.

My favorite forms of media communication would probably be videos and blogs. I like videos the best, they’re fun and you can do a lot with them. Blogs you can do a lot with, if you’re not required to follow a technical layout. I want to educate anyone from my age to adults. Teenagers can understand a lot, even if they don’t get credit for it, but I would also want to target an adult audience. I WANT TO EXPOSE MISLEADINGS!

In my own presentations, along with informing people, I want to show people opportunities that are easily accessible to them because I think that one of the best ways to implement change is to show other people how they can change things without making a huge commitment.


What do you think?

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