Gladys’ Reflection

This season of Science Club for Girls has been a blast. I was brought in by Julia to help the girls with media, but I ended up falling in love with science. As a person more inclined to humanities, I had written off science as too tough and concrete a subject to study seriously. But between talking AP biology in school and being part of the Sciencettes, I have discovered how marvelous it can be to discover the science of how things work. The program was centered around finding out the science behind make up, a way of addressing a social issue using the hard facts of science. As an advocate for producer accountability, I was excited for the social aspect of the project, but the science began to grow on me as well. Recently, we visited Living Proof to observe how a hair product is made, and seeing the people, especially the women, working in the labs encouraged me to not fear liking science. Near the end of the program, we experimented with different materials while making our own lip balm. The curiosity on the girls’ faces was indicative of the fact that programs like Science Club for Girls to a good job of exposing them to such topics that they might not have been encouraged to pursue otherwise, as I know it did for me.



One thought on “Gladys’ Reflection

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