Courtney’s Reflection

I learned that we are very clueless as to what we take into our bodies.

I also learned that even though things look clean or alright it may not be that because appearance doesn’t exactly give the whole story. For example, the water we drink, you could say that millions of people drink tap water and buy bottled water that has chemicals in it. These chemicals affect us slowly and silently. Although these bottled waters may be portrayed to be safe and healthy as a better alternative to tap water there isn’t really much of a difference, it can harm you just about as much, if not more, than tap water. If people knew about the chemical and all of the harmful ingredients that go into our water I think that maybe half would stop their use of water and the other half would continue. Even though there are people out there who know about the effects of the water on others they don’t share their knowledge because they don’t think that it is a big enough issue, and even if we did address this problem, what other water would we drink, it’s all still the same.


What do you think?

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